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Bullpen Capital Advisory is a boutique consultancy specializing in strategic marketing and investor relations enablement for managers of alternative investments, including real estate and private equity.  

What We Do

For our Investment Manager Clients

We help your story stand out and position you for fundraising success.

Investment Product Development

We dig deep to define your unique story and value proposition in a crowded market. We augment your investment thesis with industry-relevant research. And we help ensure your investment product (fund) aligns with your track record and best practices to resonate most effectively with your targeted investor audience.

Marketing & Thought Leadership

We take the burden off you by creating or refining your investor marketing for you (pitchbooks, investment plans, PPMs). We can strengthen your materials with powerful thought leadership touchpoints (white papers, webinars, insights) designed to engage investors during and between fundraises. 

Fundraising Strategy & Enablement

We design tailored investor outreach strategies focusing on the right audiences with the right messaging. We guide you to the most aligned capital partner types and conduct peer research to position you competitively. And we help you leverage technology to automate and scale your investor outreach.

Launching a new investment product (fund)? Expanding into a new business line? Seeking new sources of investor capital? 
We're here to help.

Founder Profile

About Elysha Johnston

Elysha Johnston previously leveraged her early journalism training into a 15-year career working in-house alongside investment management teams to create resonating company and investment product marketing geared towards sophisticated institutional investors and investment intermediaries.  While in-house, she contributed to investor-facing content development for 25 investment vehicles representing $40bn+ in asset value.  With Bullpen, she applies her expertise in investment product development & strategy, thought leadership and investor relations to help investment managers hone their strategies, tell their stories and effectively engage investors.

​Prior to forming Bullpen, Elysha launched and led marketing efforts for multiple business lines of real estate investment manager Stockbridge Capital Group, most recently serving as a Vice President and the marketing lead for Stockbridge’s $18bn AUM Platform Business.  She additionally served as an investment product specialist and writer for investment teams at Artisan Partners, a global multi-asset class investment manager, and was the former Head of Marketing Communications for Juniper Square, a software and services provider to private fund managers.

Elysha holds a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children. 

Tuba Malinowski -

Managing Director & Senior Portfolio Manager,

Stockbridge Capital Group

“Elysha was instrumental in Stockbridge's product development success across open- and closed-end funds and separate accounts. She has a rare skill set in marrying investment and research expertise with a strong grasp of investor preferences and expectations. This is highly valuable for the development of resonating product strategies and narratives."

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